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  • The II International master-class at Regional Cancer Center

    The II International master-class at Regional Cancer Center

    04.12.2018 04:05:47

    “Hepatobiliary malignant neoplasms treatment” is the name of the international master class, which is taking place at the “Regional Cancer Center” these days. Oncologists from Russia, Germany, Holland, China, Korea and Mongolia take part in its work. Some of the participants are such world famous specialists as Beate Rau, Bernhard Gebauer, Fritz Klein, Hauke Lang, Marianne Sinn, Robert, Ӧllinger, Ignace de Hingh and others.

    - The current conference is a unique event in the life of the Irkutsk region. Against the background of all the issues that exist nowadays, it is especially encouraging that doctors from different countries have gathered here. Their goal is to defeat a terrible disease that annually takes thousands of lives, but it cannot be done without sharing best practices and the latest medical technologies,-said the chairman of the Irkutsk region Ruslan Bolotov. - It is impossible not to mention the enthusiasm and energy of the head physician of the Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center, the chief oncologist of the Irkutsk Region, Viktoria Dvornichenko, who not only has gathered here the top specialists of medical world, but also largely contributed to the formation and adoption of the national oncology project, which starts its implementation in Russian Federation this year.

    The merit of Regional Cancer Center’s head physician has been noticed by the chief oncologist of Russia, the general director of the FSUE “NMITS of radiology” of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation, academician of the RAS, Andrei Kaprin, who could not personally come over to Irkutsk and has greeted the participants via video call. He pointed out that through the efforts of Victoria Dvornichenko, the Regional Cancer Center has become one of the world's cancer treatment centers, on the basis of which the International Center for the Transfer of Innovative Medical Technologies successfully operates - it is within the framework of its activities that the current event takes place.

    -This international master class, which brought together leading oncologists of Europe and Asia, is also notable for the fact that the International Academy of Oncology is taking part in its work, the leading role in which is played by Mrs. Beate Rau, professor at the Charité Berlin clinic. The reports and practical operations stated in the master class program are so interesting that I will follow them through video conferencing.


    Indeed, as part of the master class, several complicated operations are being performed by German, Russian and Mongolian doctors - and video broadcasting allows you to monitor what is happening in operating rooms not only for their colleagues at the clinic’s conference hall, but also for scientists and doctors from other cities.

    However, oncologists from different parts of the globe are united not only by information technologies: during the master class several international cooperation agreements were signed (the Regional Cancer Center concluded them with the Korean University Hospital St. Vincent and the International Academy of Oncology).