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  • The Russian-French project on liver cancer makes one year mark

    The Russian-French project on liver cancer makes one year mark

    19.03.2019 16:43:04

    The preliminary results of the program for the liver malignant tumors treatment, on which doctors fr om Irkutsk and the Grenoble-Alpes University (CHU Grenoble-Alpes) have been working together, are finally summed up. One year marks the Russian-French project “Evolution of viral hepatitis in liver cancer” presented by the Irkutsk State Medical University and the Laboratory for Analytical Immunology of Chronic Pathologies (IPAC) of the Advanced Biological Research Institute Albert Bonnio (IAB) of the Grenoble-Alpes University. What do the participants say about this project?

    “During the first year of collaboration, we were able to develop procedures and protocols for determining the marker levels for the early prediction of liver cancer appearance. It is very important that the analysis methods and procedure were the same in Russia, France - in Irkutsk and in Grenoble. During this time, we collected and studied over 150 samples of biological materials and now have proceeded to the medical histories analysis of each of these patients. That is why we are now in Irkutsk," - said the deputy director of the Institute of Advanced Biological Research Alberta Bonio of the Grenoble Alps University, Professor Patrice Marsh, Head of the Laboratory for Analytical Immunology of Chronic Pathologies.

    “We collect clinical material from patients with hepatocellular cancer in the region,” said Rodion Rasulov, MD, deputy head physician at the Regional Cancer Center. “We transfer this material to the Irkutsk State Medical University, wh ere its laboratory processing and subsequent analysis are carried out. By doing this work, we significantly clarified our information about the structure of the incidence: for example, how many new cases of cancer are detected each year, and at what stage these patients are. We also have outlined management plans for these patients: from drug therapy to liver transplantation, which we plan to adopt in the near future - and our French colleagues will provide us with the most direct assistance."

    However, the methodological assistance of Grenoble guests doesn’t involve only transplantology. Thus, during their last visit to Irkutsk, the French doctors read several lectures here: to their colleagues from the Cancer Center, and in the framework of the scientific seminar “The Latest Achievements of Science” held at the Irkutsk State Medical University.

    Also, during this visit, the French and Russian physicians have outlined the directions and stages of further joint work for the grant for the next two years.