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  • Operating block

    There are 26 nurses working in the operating unit, 22 of them are operating room nurses. About 10,000 operations are performed annually in the operating block.

    Characteristics of the operating unit:

    The operating unit is fully equipped in accordance with the requirements of the Order of the Russian Federation dated November 15, 2012 No. 915n “On approval of the procedure for providing medical assistance to the population in the profile of oncology”.

    The operating unit of the hospital was designed and built in strict accordance with the current sanitary and hygienic standards and the requirements for the safety of the patient and staff. Operating rooms are equipped with an air conditioning system that provides the flow of sterile air, maintaining the required temperature, humidity and illumination in the room.

    The operating block takes up almost 300 m². It has 15 operating rooms and 20 operating tables, and is divided into centralized and decentralized operating units. All operating rooms are provided with a centralized supply of medical gases and a vacuum aspiration system, the necessary special medical equipment, and the latest medical equipment. In a scheduled and urgent manner, qualified specialized surgical treatment is performed in osteo-oncological, neurosurgical, urological, coloproctological, mammological, thoracic, abdominal, reconstructive-plastic, maxillofacial profiles, using endoscopic and microsurgical surgery techniques. Also all types of endoprosthesis are performed.

    Surgical activity is increasing, which is explained by the introduction of new technologies and methods of surgical interventions, the provision of new endoscopic towers and special instruments, the improvement of the professional skills of medical workers, the improvement in the quality of diagnostic methods at the prehospital stage.