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  • Centralized cytology laboratory

    At the moment, the cytological laboratory consists of the polyclinic laboratories of Irkutsk, Angarsk, Bratsk and Usolye-Sibirsky. The united laboratory has staff of 12 doctors, 3 biologists and 13 laboratory assistants.


    • All types of cytological studies are performed, including:

    - smear-prints from the cervix, cervical canal, skin;
    - endoscopic cytology;
    - punctures of all organs and non-organ tumors, including the retroperitoneal space and the brain;
    - intraoperative tests, including the diagnosis of benign and malignant ovarian tumors, brain tumors;
    - detection of steroid hormone receptors in breast tumors, immunophenotyping in tumors that are difficult to diagnose;
    - immunocytochemistry studies of effusion fluids;
    - urgent fluorescent intraoperative immunocytochemistry studies;
    - determination of P16 and Ki67 when performing liquid cytology, to determine HPV DNA in the material of liquid cytology, cytochemical staining techniques are used;

    • Cell block preparation technique.

    Scientific directions:

    • Studying endometrial pathology using the method of liquid cytology.
    • Tumor research:

    - brain,
    - salivary glands,
    - kidney,
    - prostate,
    - soft tissues.