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  • Irkutsk and Mongolian oncologists exchanged representative offices

    Irkutsk and Mongolian oncologists exchanged representative offices

    24.12.2019 03:28:47

    The cooperation linking the Regional Cancer Center and the National Cancer Center of Mongolia will become even closer in the near future. Each of them will open a permanent representative office at the colleagues’ medical base.

    “The main goal of these representative offices is the organization and provision of specialized, along with high-tech, medical care for the residents of our countries. For example, the Mongolian side is interested in the “radiology” and “chemotherapy” treatment profiles, which our center can provide, as well as formation of a single diagnostic chain between our medical organizations. Moreover, visa-free regime with Mongolia is an additional positive factor contributing to the mutual visits of doctors, but also, makes it easier for patients from this country visit the Regional Cancer Center. We, in turn, are interested in training and working with surgeons of the National Cancer Center of Mongolia on methods of organ and tissue transplantation to cancer patients,”commented on the agreement to the Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Oleg Salagai, head physician of the Regional Cancer Center, DMSc, professor Victoria Dvornichenko.

    Recall, that the agreement on cooperation in the field of healthcare between the Irkutsk Cancer Center and the National Cancer Center of Mongolia was signed on February 10, 2018. This cooperation, in particular, is expressed in the active participation of Mongolian doctors in the work of the International Transfer Center of Innovative Medical Technologies, created on the base of the Regional Cancer Center. For example, during last year’s international master class, the General Director of the National Cancer Center of Mongolia, professor Zhigzhidsuren Chinburen, performed a complicated six-hour operation for central liver resection, and his Irkutsk colleague and friend, deputy head physician of the Cancer Center for surgery, MD, professor Rodion Rasulov has assisted him.

    “In our National Cancer Center, such operations are performed almost every day, and, accordingly, we have accumulated vast experience, which I was glad to share with the Irkutsk doctors and colleagues from other cities and countries present at the conference. Today we returned the favor, so to say: at the time, it was Irkutsk surgeons, and primarily, Rodion Rasulov, who taught us the pancreatic surgery technique,” Mr. Zhigzhidsuren Chinburen has noted then, “And we will continue to maintain such mutually beneficial relations: for example, in the near future we will help Irkutsk doctors to master the methods of liver transplantation, as we perform such operations frequently.”

    We add that the representative office creation of Russian medical organizations abroad is carried out as part of the "Export of medical services" federal project. This activity significantly increases the awareness of foreign patients about the possibilities of obtaining medical care in Russia.