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  • The Regional Cancer Center was visited by an academic group from the Russian Cancer Research Center N.N. Blokhin

    The Regional Cancer Center was visited by an academic group from the Russian Cancer Research Center N.N. Blokhin

    09.10.2020 07:46:53

    In the Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center, an academic group from the Cancer Research Center N.N. Blokhin, headed by its director, chief non-staff oncologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ivan Stilidi. For two days the group has worked at the Cancer Center.

    Cancer Research Center N.N. Blokhin is the largest oncological hospital in Russia and Europe, as well as one of the largest oncological clinics in the world. Its structural subdivisions are three clinical and two experimental institutes, where not only specialized and high-tech medical care is provided, but also scientific research and experimental and clinical development of new technologies in the field of diagnosis, active prevention and treatment of malignant neoplasms are carried out. Also, the Moscow center can be called a "curator" of the Regional Cancer Center, these two institutions are linked by long-term cooperation.

    The guests from the capital got acquainted with the work of their Siberian colleagues in practice: they were present during surgical operations, observed chemotherapy and radiation therapy departments activities - not only in Irkutsk, but also in the structural units of the center in other cities of the region. They gave a very high assessment of what they saw, calling the Irkutsk Cancer Center one of the strongest in the country.


    “The Irkutsk Cancer Center is one of the oldest oncological institutions in Russia, with its own traditions, with a strong school of oncology and with extensive experience and cooperation on the international level,” stressed the director of the N.N. Blokhin Ivan Stilidi. “The center’s team solves practical and clinical issues at a high modern level, we speak the same medical language.”

    Head of the medicinal methods of treatment department of the Russian Cancer Research Center N.N. Blokhin Andrey Meshcheryakov noted the non-standard methods of treatment used by his Siberian colleagues-chemotherapists, and the radiologist of the radiological department of the Scientific Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Radiology of the N.N. Blokhin Petr Bulychkin has highlighted the modern, high-precision methods of radiation therapy, used in the Angarsk and fraternal divisions of the Cancer Center, as well as the attentive attitude to patients.



    Nevertheless, as Ivan Stilidi has noted, even the best has is no limit.

    “That is why we are here today, discussing with the Irkutsk doctors the state of affairs taking into account the newest clinical recommendations, which will give another impetus for further development. In addition, the most important aspect of our current meeting is the development of an anti-cancer service in the region. Also, we are now building our further interaction and cooperation for the future,” said the head of the Research and Development Center of Oncology.

    In particular, Muscovites suggested their Irkutsk colleagues to use telemedicine technologies as often as possible to conduct online consultations, as well as obtaining a second opinion on the results of histological tests and revision of medical images (CT, MSCT, MRI, etc.). In addition, the guests have declared their readiness to train both the doctors of the Irkutsk Cancer Center and its nursing staff. They also expressed an interest in acquainting the staff of the National Medical Research Center of Oncology with the surgical techniques used by some doctors of the center - they were invited to visit the capital's cancer center.