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  • Irkutsk Cancer Center celebrates its 80th anniversary

    Irkutsk Cancer Center celebrates its 80th anniversary

    05.12.2020 12:17:00

    - Over the past years, the center went from a small hospital with 30 beds to becoming country's largest oncological clinic. It includes 26 superbly equipped departments in four cities of the Irkutsk region. And the total number of treated patients is estimated at hundreds of thousands of people, - the governor of the Irkutsk Region Igor Kobzev congratulates the hero of the day. - Medical care for people with a such terrible diagnosis is provided by a team of like-minded people and professionals. They are the real crème de la creme of the regional health care system. The management and staff of the center know how to set ambitious tasks for themselves and solve them brilliantly. Close partnerships link the Cancer Center with leading French, German, Japanese, Korean clinics and cancer treatment centers. It is not without the reason that Irkutsk oncologists are well known and respected throughout the medical world.




    These respect and recognition are shown through numerous congratulations to Irkutsk oncologists from colleagues, including the chief doctors of the leading medical organizations of the region, and the chief non-staff oncologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, academician Andrei Kaprin, and the chairman of the German-Russian forum Koha-Mechnikova on combating infectious diseases Professor Helmut Hahn, and many, many others. There is a long list of people who found it necessary to congratulate the staff of the oncological center on their anniversary and say warm words of gratitude. These people are the mayor of Irkutsk Ruslan Bolotov, and the vice-speaker of the regional Legislative Assembly Kuzma Aldarov, and the rector of the ISMU Igor Malov, and the rector of the ISU Alexander Shmidt - and the Irkutsk poet Lyubov Gibadullina – she wrote a poem dedicated to the doctors who cured her of cancer several years ago!


    80 years is a rich experience for any medical organization, for example, the oncological service of all of Russia is 5 years younger than the Irkutsk Cancer Center. However, by no means the potential for development is exhausted. Today the flagship of regional medicine is implementing a number of very ambitious projects, unique even by national standards. It is the creation of the East Siberian Center for Nuclear Medicine, and the construction of a Cancer Prevention Center, and a large international work to create and develop the most advanced medical technologies.

    - We just love to be the first in everything – it is our small weakness, - the chief oncologist of the Irkutsk region, MD, professor Victoria Dvornichenko likes to repeat.