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  • February 4 - World Cancer Day

    04.02.2021 05:11:00

    In the press center of the newspaper “Points and Facts in Eastern Siberia”, the president of the Regional Cancer Center and the chief oncologist of the Irkutsk Region said that today the Irkutsk Cancer Center has practically returned to the dock-like mode of operation – the doctors operate in two shifts. The medical facility has deployed its own laboratory for a new coronavirus infection testing. When infected patients are identified, they are immediately transported for treatment to the new Shelekhovsky infectious diseases hospital.

    Victoria Dvornichenko emphasized that the coronavirus pandemic had a noticeable impact on the general regional situation with cancer. Right now, doctors expect a sharp increase in the number of patients with precancerous conditions with lung localization who had COVID-19. In addition, a stream of people with advanced forms of malignant tumors has already started to pour into the dispensary: during the pandemic, people have lost the habit of going for routine check-ups, and those who have already contracted cancer often came to oncologists too late.

    According to Victoria Dvornichenko, every therapist and every oncologist in district hospitals should be held accountable for such cases. Local doctors are required to track the fate of patients at risk or already with a tumor. And in order for them to receive timely consultations from their colleagues from the cancer dispensary, telemedicine technologies are actively used today. As of today, 15 municipalities of the Irkutsk region are connected to the medical communications channel, and the same number will join the system this year. Also, Victoria Dvornichenko said that Irkutsk oncologists intend to use the experience of foreign colleagues as widely as possible by organizing regular consultations with them using modern information technologies.

    So, the chief oncologist of Priangarye is confident that even during the pandemic days, the Irkutsk Cancer Center and its structural units in the cities of the region will be able to keep the situation under control, by applying their vast experience in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors, as well as excellent material and technical equipment.