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  • Cooperating with Japan

    Сотрудничество ГБУЗ ООД с Японией

    SBHE Regional Cancer Center has been cooperating with many foreign partners for many years. Some of the longest-standing partners are Japanese specialists.

    Cooperation between RCC and Japan had started about 20 years ago. Since then, specialists from various medical institutions of Japan have been coming to RCC annually to participate in international conferences, and Irkutsk oncologists have been regularly undergoing training at the leading medical centers of Japan.

    The annual conference ‘Japanese School of Oncology’, which is held every August at RCC, became a tradition in which major Japanese medical centers partake. In 2019, as a part of delegation of the leading representatives of medical institutions, the director and chief physician of National Cancer Center (Tokyo), MD, professor Toshiro Nishida visited Regional Cancer Center.


    Tokyo National Cancer Center became a special partner for RCC. Its specialists are: in the field of ultrasound diagnostics MIZUGUCHI Yasunori, MD, professor, head of the ultrasound diagnostics department; endoscopic diagnostics – Oda Ichiro, MD, professor, head of the hospital endoscopy department since 2013 have regularly and generously shared their experience with colleagues in Irkutsk.

    The nearest partnership plans include the creation of a Japanese Training Center in Irkutsk, where Siberian doctors will be able to learn from the experience of the Land of the Rising Sun.