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    Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center is one of the leading medical establishments in Siberian Federal region. The center provides diagnostics and treatment of malignant tumors. Based on a surgical clinic facility the center grew from a small oncological unit into a highly developed and modern medical center, which specializes in malignancy treatment with various localizations, including severe cases such as bone tumors, soft tissue, pancreas, liver and brain tumors, using sophisticated technologies. Every year, more than 25 thousand people get medical services here, over 20 000 operative interventions are conducted. Out of that number 12 000 are large and complex surgeries performed at the hospital, while about 8 000 are performed ambulatory. Each year 6 000 patients receive advanced medical care.

    Each year over 1000 patients from 37 Russian regions and more than 100 patients from 11 countries apply to Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center to get specialized medical treatment. Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center provides foreign patients and their companions with comfortable accommodation and patient rooms. While diagnostics and treatment patients can stay at inpatient accommodation house, which is located next to the Cancer Center. Foreign patients are provided with the interpreter and all medical documentation is translated into the patient's language.

    Medical care is provided in accordance with the medical practice license No. LO-38-01-003610 dated July 25, 2019 issued by the Healthcare Committee of the Irkutsk Region.
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    Contact medical adviser: ioodmedadviser@gmail.com
    Address: 664035, Irkutsk, Russian Federation

    Public Project: The development of health services exports:
    Treatment in Russia