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  • Regional Cancer Center got a new partner

    28.03.2017 05:38:56

    The Regional Cancer Center is one of the few medical institutions in the Siberian Federal Region that not only regularly holds various international scientific seminars and conferences, but also purposely selects the most advanced methods of treatment fr om the world practice, and introduces them into its daily practice. As in partnership with the French University of Grenoble, wh ere Irkutsk oncologists are getting ready for the first liver transplantation in Eastern Siberia.

    The cooperation with Harbin University Hospital has been going on for about two years, mainly in scientific work necessary for the qualitative training of medical students, as well as residents and doctors of the center. And recently, the cancer center has got another partner from Harbin city: an agreement for cooperation with the regional clinic of Heilongjiang Province was concluded. This is a large medical institution with 1,900 beds, designed for 2,000 visits per day. Its doctors are also engaged in cancer treatment.

    - I really liked the organization of nursing staff work there. Hence, we invite the head nurse of this hospital to come to us for an exchange of experience, because the proper patient care is the most important thing," says Viktoria Dvornichenko, MD, Head Physician of the Regional Cancer Center, who returned from Harbin." Also we will adopt our Chinese colleagues’ experience in the patient rehabilitation. But most of all we were interested in working with traditional methods of drug therapy. And since we have a license to conduct clinical trials, in the near future we will start testing some of the Chinese medicinal preparations made on the basis of medicinal plants.

    In turn, Chinese doctors have something to learn from Irkutsk colleagues. Thus, surgeons from Harbin are planning to come to Irkutsk for an internship in the regional cancer center. Great interest was shown by Chinese doctors to modern methods of radiation therapy, which allows using the newest linear accelerator installed in the Angarsk department of the center (several more installations like that will appear in Irkutsk, due to the construction of a new radiological facility).