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  • Japanese oncology school in Irkutsk

    Japanese oncology school in Irkutsk

    17.08.2018 12:17:45

    SBHE “Regional Oncology Center” held an international conference “Japanese oncology school” lasst week. Oncologists from all of Siberia and Far East took part in it. Seijiro Abe, Yasunori Mizuguchi, Shoichi Tsuji, and Shinichi Ishimatsu from National Oncology Center in Tokyo city and St. Luke International Hospital have shared their practical experience with the participants. However, it was not a first visit for Mr. Yasunori Mizuguchi. Some of Mr. Mizuguchi’s colleagues have been in Oncology Center before as well – collaboration between Japanese and Siberian medics has a long history.

    - I am very grateful to the National Oncology Center and St. Luke International Hospital, who for over ten years have been cooperating with our doctors. I am sure that each of these conferences helps to save lives of many people, and, of course, I am thankful to our guests from Japan, - has emphasized Sergej Levchenko, the governor of Irkutsk Region, at the opening of international conference.

    Early diagnostics of malignant neoplasms became the main theme of this conference – most of the lectures were dedicated to this topic. And so were the practical master-classes conducted at operating rooms of the Oncology Center. For example, Mr. Seijiro Abe carried out endoscopic procedure on one of Center’s patients, and Mr. Yasunori Mizuguchi has demonstrated Japanese approach to ultrasound diagnostics. Nevertheless, our guests did have something to see: Irkutsk doctors, headed by the leading Irkutsk Region endoscopy specialist, SBHE “Regional Oncology Center” endoscopist, MD, and Professor Aleksandr Belonogov, have shown surgery of their own design – hybrid operation, where endoscopic methods are supplemented by laparoscopy techniques.

    – For more than 12 years Russian and Japanese oncologist are meeting in Irkutsk to exchange experience and knowledge on the most contemporary questions in cancer treatment. In his annual message to the Federal Assembly and in “May decrees” the President has identified oncology as one of the priorities in healthcare system. It is not only a big motivation, but a great challenge. A lot has to be done in order to solve this issue. “Japanese School” conference – is an important step in realization of these objectives, – stated RF Deputy Minister of Health, Oleg Salagaj.

    According to his words, work of regional doctors in oncology field has brought results in Irkutsk Region as well as in a whole country. For the last 10 years malignancy detection in early stages has improved significantly, while death rates have dropped.

    – Today, challenges to healthcare system have changed all over the world. The first place in early deaths is not occupied by infection diseases anymore, but it belongs to oncology. We cannot fall behind on these problems. And what you are doing now – is amazing and very important. Medical help must be available for patients in each corner of this enormous country. Irkutsk Region alone is not small. That's another challenge to the doctors, – has underlined the representative of WHO in Russia, Melita Vujnovich.