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  • Irkutsk Oncologic Dispensary is preparing for a liver transplant

    Irkutsk Oncologic Dispensary is preparing for a liver transplant

    10.12.2018 03:54:29

    The Irkutsk Region Minister of Health, Oleg Yaroshenko, signed a roadmap on the transplantation of organs and tissues in the Irkutsk Region for the 2018-2020 period. Participants of the roadmap implementation will be the Irkutsk Regional Clinical Hospital and the Irkutsk Regional Cancer Center, donation centers - Irkutsk City Clinical Hospital No. 1, Irkutsk City Hospital No. 3, Shelehovsk Regional Hospital, Medsanchast IAPO, Usolsk City Hospital, Angarsk City Hospital for Emergency Medical Aid. It is reported by the press service of the regional Health Ministry.

    - The development of transplantation holds great importance for the Irkutsk region, - said the head physician of the “Regional Oncology Center, Professor, MD, Viktoria Dvornichenko. “We, oncologists, have studied the foreign clinics experience of transplantology with which we have been cooperating for the past five years, and agreed that with a transplant, the chance to defeat oncology is much higher. Such methods of surgical treatment are most effective in oncological diseases of the first and second stage.

    Indeed, in recent years, the Irkutsk Oncologic Dispensary has been actively cooperating with the Joseph Fourier University and the University Hospital Center in Grenoble (France) - these organizations are recognized authorities in the world of transplantology. French colleagues provide Irkutsk invaluable assistance in the training of oncologists, resuscitators and laboratory technicians to perform a liver transplant. For example, the deputy chief physician of the clinic for surgical care, MD Rodion Rasulov already mastered this technology during his internship in Grenoble and has the appropriate certificate.

    It should be noted that now about 1 800 organ transplants are performed in Russia each year, including about 1 000 kidney transplants, up to 240 liver transplants, and up to 130 heart transplants. However, the real need for organ transplantation in the country is much higher: at least 11 000 kidney transplants, 2 000 for liver, 1 100 for heart (including “heart-lung” complex), 800 for lung, 300 for pancreas should be performed annually.