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  • Happy New Year!

    30.12.2021 16:01:54

    Dear friends! I congratulate you on behalf of all employees of the Regional Cancer Center! The passing year was very difficult for all of us. However, in spite of the pandemic waves we continued to provide medical care to our patients – people for whom any delay in treatment can become crucial. We thank our patients for their courage and perseverance with which they fight the terrible disease – their will to win is the best help for doctors. And we, in turn, are doing everything in our power to ensure that they receive medical care according to the modern international standards. It is not without reason that our hospital is a recognized flagship of the regional health care system.

                Дворниченко Виктория Владимировна
    коллектив диспансера

    I also want to thank all my colleagues – both from the Cancer Center and from other medical organizations. Thank you for your hard and noble work, for sleepless nights and early gray hair, for your kindness and patience. I wish that the profession does not bring you disappointment and pain, but, on the contrary, gives you a feeling of deep satisfaction from the fact that you are doing what you love. Do the best work that you can – and patients’ saved lives and their restored health will be the best reward. I would like to show gratitude to those who celebrate the holiday at their work place, at the patient's bedside or at the surgical table.

    I wish all of us good health and a long life – so that many times we will raise our glasses and toast to the New Year’s well-wishes.

    Respectfully yours, president of the Regional Cancer Center, MD, professor Viktoria Dvornichenko.