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  • Surgical department #2 (breast cancer) - 36 beds

    The department has 10 doctors, 11 nurses.


    The department is engaged in the diagnostics and treatment of benign and malignant breast tumors. Since 1996, the department has been performing one-stage breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

    It is the only specialized department in the Irkutsk region that provides medical and consulting assistance to patients with breast diseases, and together with ultrasound, radiology, cytology and pathology services, it is the Breast Center, on the basis of which the following examination and treatment methods are carried out:
    • Removal of benign breast tumors through extra-projection accesses using a cosmetic suture;
    • Ultrasound examination of mammary glands;
    • Mammography;
    • Cytological examination of breast neoplasms;
    • Histological examination of breast neoplasms;
    • Immunohistochemical detection of steroid hormone receptors in tumor.


    • Detection of cancer receptors and HER2/neu receptors;
    • Detection of breast cancer specific markers;
    • Stereotactic biopsy;
    • Breast tomosynthesis;
    • Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography.

    Types of surgical procedures performed:

    • Sectoral breast resection, radical breast resection, mastectomy (including reconstruction) and others.