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  • Surgical department (thoracic) - 40 beds

    The department has 8 doctors, 12 nurses.

    Patients are hospitalized in the department for examination and treatment of neoplasms of the lungs, mediastinum, esophagus, stomach, chest wall, skin. The department has an intensive care room.


    • Clarifying a diagnosis of the indicated localization;
    • Using thoracoscopy for diagnosis and treatment;
    • All types of surgical interventions are performed using the latest techniques;
    • The following methods of treatment are used: surgical, combined, comprehensive, combination. Choosing one of the methods or a combination, determining treatment steps are based individually on the stage of the process and morphological verification of the tumor;
    • To verify the diagnosis, tumor punctures of the mediastinum, peripheral lung formations are performed under the ultrasound control.


    • Rigid bronchoscopy was introduced to determine the prevalence of the tumor process and morphological tumor verification, as well as to conduct local treatment;
    • Endobronchial ultrasonography with transbronchial puncture of the tumor and lymph nodes, diagnostic mediastinoscopy were introduced into the regular practice to assess the prevalence of the tumor process and morphological verification of the affected mediastinal lymph nodes;
    • For locally advanced cancer of the lung and esophagus, intraoperative photodynamic therapy is used;
    • Endoscopic resections of the esophagus (thoracic and abdominal stages);

    • Using the method of early prevention of the main bronchus stump insufficiency after pneumonectomy using a flap of the mediastinal pleura or the greater omentum;
    • For the prevention of hospital-acquired and hypostatic pneumonia, the second level of rehabilitation is carried out - massage and physical therapy (a functional diagnostics and massage room is available);
    • Implementation into the regular practice of thoracoscopic VATS and COMPLIT VATS lobectomies;
    • To obliterate the pleural cavity in carcinomatous pleuritis, pleurodesis is performed;
    • To determine painless forms of myocardial ischemia and to increase exercise tolerance, physical therapy and step-by-step exercises are performed with simultaneous Holter monitoring;
    • Refining the surgical skills of doctors in terms of bronchoplastic operations in order to improve the results of organ-preserving operations without compromising oncology.

    Scientific directions:

    • Treatment of complicated forms of lung cancer;
    • Surgical treatment of metastases in lung tumors of various localizations;
    • Video-assisted intervention in pathologies of lungs and mediastinum;
    • Improvement of surgical techniques in combined operations;
    • Implementation of new methods in cooperation with the P. Hertsen Moscow Oncology Research Institute and the Cancer Research Institute Tomsk NRMC.